Mad As Hell!

NKBsignI’m mad as hell.

I’m mad as hell because the U.S. Senate voted to move forward on legislation that could cause 41,000 District citizens to lose their health insurance and we had no Senators to exercise their voice or their vote on the matter.

I’m mad as hell because this vote like every other Senate vote in our country’s history has left out the voice and vote of the people of the District of Columbia.

And I’m mad as hell because many Democratic Senators have spent the last few weeks imploring the American people to “Call Your Senators” yet they are mute on whether or not the people of D.C. should have Senators of our own.

We need to renew our push to get Senate cosponsors on the statehood bill (as the House Bill just reached a record number of cosponsors!!!) so let’s target a few Senators who spent a lot of time imploring people to call their Senators.

So if you’re mad as hell, or moderately upset, or just a wee bit peeved about not having Senators we need you to ask the following Senators to finally support our right to be able to “call our Senators!” Here’s who to email:

Here’s sample text: Over the last few weeks the Senator has implored Americans to call their Senators but because I live in the District of Columbia I have none to call. We in the District could have 41,000 of our neighbors lose their health insurance in the coming years through no fault of their own. We deserve to have our own Senators weigh in on health care or any other issue before the Senate. The Senator should continue to implore Americans to call their Senators while also supporting my right and that of my 681,000 neighbors to have our own Senators to call by cosponsoring the D.C. statehood bill, S. 1278.

Thank you,


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Operation Connecticut

CTInspired by Mike Panetta’s letter to the editor, let’s put forth a full throated effort to inundate Connecticut Senators Murphy and Blumenthal with emails seeking their co-sponsorship of the respective D.C. statehood bills (S 1278). The entire Connecticut House Delegation (Reps. DeLauro, Larson, Esty, Himes, and Courtney) already are cosponsors of the House statehood bill but their Nutmeg/Constitution State Senate colleagues are not…yet!

Here’s what we need to do:

  1. Send an email to each office asking that their boss cosponsor the statehood bill.

  2. Ask a family member or friend living in Connecticut to do the same (we really need them to do this for us).

Here’s who to contact & here’s sample text for your email:

Representative by Representative, Senator by Senator, state by state we will build a coalition of support that will make D.C. statehood a reality.

Let’s get started with Connecticut!

Thank you,


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Help Spread the Good Word!

One of the most cost effective and far reaching ways to spread the word about our cause is to get Op-Eds or Letters to the Editor published highlighting our unjust status and our pursuit of statehood. With the 4th of July on the horizon now is the perfect time to get pieces published in papers around the country. Here are examples of what’s been published in the past in Connecticut, Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Please write or ghostwrite an Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed for a state where you have friends and family. Right now we’d like to prioritize CA, CT, ME, MI, MN, OR, RI, and VA, but all states count! Our goal is to add House & Senate cosponsors to the respective statehood bills (HR 1291 & S 1278).

Please let us know if you are willing to draft an Letter to the Editor/Op-Ed for a particular state and newspaper and/or if you can convince a friend or family member in one of those states to submit it for us. Send us an email at if you want information on elected officials in each state. Here’s a statehood fact sheet and FAQ sheet that can help you craft a more effective and powerful Op-Ed. Here’s a link with information on how to submit OpEds/LOE to specific papers: TheOpEdProject

Thank you,


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2017 DC Flag Day Winners

We had over 150 submissions for #DCFlagDay in 2017 all of which were great photos demonstrating the rich and proud tapestry of the people, places, talents, and passion that make up the District of Columbia. Each one of these photos came from a place of love and pride in the District of Columbia and for that we thank and honor all who participated. You all are great so here’s is our #DCFlagDay post and our Facebook page with all of the photos for you to enjoy. Our panel of three judges had the hard and unenviable task of picking the best of the best and here they are:

Best Ward: Ward 6 – The people of Ward 6, led by impressive cheer-leading by Councilmember Charles Allen had the most Tweets celebrating DC Flag Day thus they are the best ward!

Best Group Shot: School Within A School

Best Business: 405 Yoga

Best Agency: District Department of Energy & Environment

Best Friend in a State: Utah (great way to say peace out to Jason Whatshisname)!

Best Sports Team (not actually a category but this D.C. United tweet is badass):

Best Pet: @Joblowocky

Best Artistic Expression: Tarah Demant

Best Elected Official: Robert White

Best #HandsOffDC: Americans for Self Rule

Best Statehood: We The 51st State

People’s Choice Award (aka Grand Prize) as it goes to the Tweet with the most Likes and Retweets which was clearly Councilmember Robert White.


Congrats and thanks to all! This was a helluva lot of fun and let’s do it bigger and better next year!

Neighbors United for DC Statehood

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DC Flag Day – 2017

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This is who we are. We are the people of the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital, and the last vestige of Taxation Without Representation on American soil. We are 681,000 strong and growing (more people than Vermont and Wyoming). We pay over $26 billion in federal taxes per year, more than 20 states. We are the unfulfilled promise of America yet we are very much Americans. We dream big, we work, we laugh, we love, we struggle, we strive, we seek and most definitely we persist.

We are more than just our political status. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, teachers, business owners, fire fighters, waiters & waitresses, librarians, engineers, construction workers, nurses and doctors, taxi drivers and bike messengers, and all sort of other titles and relationships that bind us to each other and our family and friends in the 50 states. We are people. We are Americans. We seek what most of you already have: fairness and equality through statehood.

Last November 86% of us voted in favor of statehood on a referendum. We believe and know that statehood is the only way to gain permanent, full, and equal representation in Congress and to rid our selves of congressional meddling. We want what the rest of the country already has, nothing more and nothing less. We deserve equality, we deserve statehood.

As we raise our flag today we celebrate our past, present, and future as Americans who fulfill all obligations of citizenship yet are denied its most fundamental rights. We are proud of who we are and confident in what we seek. We want you and need you to join us in our pursuit of fair and equal treatment in the American union as the 51st state.

Here’s how you can help:

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