Win 2020

The statehood bill has made historic progress in the 116th Congress with the bill passing the House of Representatives for the first time ever with 232 vote in support! The Senate statehood bill now has 42 cosponsors, a historic high! Senate Majority Leader McConnell and President Trump have stated their vehement opposition to D.C. statehood. As such, if we want to have statehood in 2021 we need to win elections in 2020.

Below is a list of fundraising links for Vice President Biden and key Senate campaigns, all of whom support D.C. statehood. We need to help them win if we want statehood in 2021. These unique fundraising links are to show that our financial support is due to their support of D.C. statehood. Please donate to these campaigns through these unique links to help show that the statehood movement is willing to support those who support us.

  • Combined Link where your donation is divided evenly among all the campaigns: