Take Action!

Bland13We all can take action to push the statehood cause forward. Here are a few ways that we all can help elevate this cause in our homes, neighborhoods, and the Halls of Congress:

  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular action alerts & sign-up for our Email List.
  • Host neighbors for a living room discussion on the history of D.C. statehood and plan out actions you and your neighbors can take.
  • Contact member of Congress and ask them to support D.C. statehood. Ask family and friends in the 50 states to do the same!
  • Encourage your civic group, place of worship, school, union, or employer to endorse D.C. statehood.
  • Write Op-Eds to educate people in the 50 states about D.C.’s quest for equality.
  • Donate to or volunteer for political candidates who support D.C. statehood.

Contact us if you want assistance on any of the aforementioned actions for D.C. statehood at unitedforstatehood@gmail.com

2 Responses to Take Action!

  1. John Rush says:

    Where do I get stickers, I now live in Washington state.

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