Statehood Supporters

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We are the citizens of the District of Columbia and we want to say clearly that we deserve statehood. We are your fellow Americans, your neighbors, your brothers and sisters, your fathers and mothers, your long-lost cousins, and the people who help you with directions when you’re lost on the subway while visiting Washington, DC with your family. You may never know us by name, but we are just like you. We live in single family homes, row houses, and apartments. We work in the private sector, the public sector, and for non-profits trying to do good for our community and our country. We enjoy life and we overcome life’s challenges. We believe in the promise of America; we believe that we all are created equal; we believe in rule of law; and we believe in a government of, for, and by the people.

Our government, however, repeatedly tells and shows us that it has no place for us. We pay federal taxes but have no say on how that money is spent. We send our children off to war yet are denied representation to vote on issues of war or peace. Rather, those whom we do not elect to the House and Senate can override the most basic decisions of our own locally elected officials. We fulfill all of the obligations of American citizenship yet we are denied its most basic tenet. We know that the great American democratic experiment cannot be complete until the people who live in the shadows of the U.S. Capitol are granted full and equal representation within it. We support statehood and we deserve statehood.

While many organizations support DC Statehood what’s most important is that individual American citizens support it and want it to become a reality. Below are a few of our stories about why we believe that statehood is the only path for us to become full and equal US citizens:

  • Josh Burch is husband and father who co-founded the group Neighbors United for DC Statehood and believes that an engaged and active citizenry will lead the charge for statehood. Read his testimony in support of the statehood bill here: JBurch_S132Hearing_091514. You can follow Josh on Twitter: @JBurchDC or email him directly to get involved in the Statehood movement:
  • Johnny Barnes spent more than a quarter of a century in various Congressional staff positions, including service as Chief of Staff for three Members of Congress. He is currently in private law practice as a trial lawyer, taking and litigating select cases. Read his story here: JBarnes_103112 Read his statehood bill testimony here: Johnny_Barnes
  • Joan Shipps is a wife, mother, former Marylander, and currently proud Woodridge resident of Ward 5. Read her story here: Joan Shipps Statehood Story
  • Anne Anderson is a long-time statehood activist and here is her testimony in support of the statehood bill: Anne_Anderson
  • Cathryn Carroll is a District citizen who learned about disenfranchisement when she moved to the District of Columbia, here is her testimony in support of the statehood bill: Cathryn_Carroll
  • John Capozzi is a Ward 7 resident, former Shadow Representative, and family man who believes deeply in the statehood cause. Here is his testimony in support of the statehood bill: John_Capozzi
  • Timothy Cooper is a human rights activist who has championed raising awareness about the District’s status to international bodies. Here is his testimony in support of statehood: Timothy_Cooper
  • DC Statehood Green Party is the local chapter of the Green Party USA which is the only national party to support DC Statehood in its platform. Here is the Party’s testimony: DCStatehoodGreen
  • Charles Allen is the Democratic nominee for the Ward 6 Council seat in the District. His testimony was submitted with the support and signatures of many of his supporters as well. Here is his testimony: Charles_Allen
  • Jaime Fearer & Geoff Hatchard lived in and still love the District and while they now live in California they are still doing their part to show there support for DC statehood. Here is their joint testimony in support of the bill: JaimeFearer_GeoffHatchard
  • Tim Krepp is a husband, father, historian, tour guide, and candidate for the U.S. Delegate position to the U.S. House of Representatives from the District of Columbia. Here is his testimony: Timothy_Krepp
  • Share your statehood bill testimony with us and/or share your own words about why statehood is important to you.

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