Where We Stand: The US Senate

Here’s a map of D.C. Statehood Support in the US Senate. We have a record number of cosponsors this Congress but there remains lots of room for improvement.

Senate Support for DC Statehood_


Please call the offices below and ask that they too cosponsor S. 1278, the Washington, DC Admission Act:

  • Connecticut: Senator Chris Murphy – 202.224.4041
  • New Hampshire: Senator Jean Shaheen – 202.224.2841
  • Oregon: Senator Ron Wyden – 202.224.5244
  • Virginia: Senator Mark Warner – 202.224.2023
  • Washington: Senator Maria Cantwell – 202.224.3441
  • Rhode Island: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – 202.224.2921
  • Minnesota: Senator Amy Klobuchar – 202.224.3244
  • Minnesota: Senator Tina Smith – 202.224.5641
  • Florida: Senator Bill Nelson – 202.224.5274

Let’s keep filling out this map in the pursuit of equality for the people of DC! Unless a state is RED have your friends and family call their Senators asking them to support #DCStatehood!

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2018 #DCFlagDay Winners

And the winners of the 2018 #DCFlagDay Photo Contest Are:


Best Ward- #WARD6 not #The6


Best Advocacy- My children & I (before there are calls for a recount to be clear I shamelessly gave this award to me & my children because 1. we deserved it; and 2. no one else submitted a photo directed at a specific Senator or Rep)


Best Group- Mayor Bowser’s Team


Best Elected Official- Councilmember Brianne Nadeau


Best Agency- DOEE


Best Business- Urban Forest Perfume Co.


Best Non-Profit- DC VOTE


Artistic Expression- Claudia Rauch


Best Pet- Eva Guenther


Best Friend of the 51st State- Congresswoman Norton


Best Statehood Shot- Councilmember Charles Allen in #ALLCAPS Glory

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2018 DC Flag Day Photo Contest

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, that’s right, it’s DC Flag Day! Neighbors United for DC Statehood proudly hosts a photo contest celebrating the DC flag and our pride in the District while also raising awareness about our desire to have our star added to the US flag as the 51st state in the union. From now until June 14, residents from around the District are encouraged to take photos with the DC flag to highlight civic pride in who we are and where we live.

On Flag Day, June 14th, the photos will be posted on our website, just as in 201320142015, and 2017. We will ask that you share your photo and our post with all of the photos with others via email, Twitter, Facebook, and other outlets with family, friends, and members of Congress around the country to highlight that we are Americans just like them, with the exception of being denied equal political rights.

Please use #DCFlagDay for all twitter posts!

This isn’t just a fun way to highlight civic pride and to demonstrate our thirst to be equal partners in American democracy; this is a doggone contest to see who can take the best photos and be recognized with a snazzy certificate of recognition for your efforts! Make your photos fun, serious, wacky, or whatever else strikes your fancy, but make them compelling. We are and should be proud of our beloved city-state and need to show the nation who we are. When they know that 700,000+ of their neighbors are disenfranchised, they will be compelled to join our struggle for equality via statehood.

Please join this effort by taking a photo with the DC flag at your home, school, place of employment, special place in your neighborhood, or think outside the box and send us something we’d never expect. Creativity is encouraged over conformity!


Awards will be given for the following categories (remember, all photos need to incorporate the DC flag!):

  • Best Ward- Given to the Councilmember with the highest volume of individual photo tweets with their Ward’s hashtag (#Ward1, #Ward7, etc. along with the #DCFlagDay hashtag)
  • Best Campaign Team- Yes, it’s a campaign year and we’d love to see the campaign team that brings the DC Love with a great photo or photos
  • Best Advocacy- Given to the photo that focuses on encouraging a specific House or Senate member not yet cosponsoring the statehood bills in Congress to cosponsor the bill.
  • Best Group- Given to the community group with the best group photo with DC Flag
  • Best Elected Official- Given to the elected official (Mayor, AG, CM, ANC, School Board, etc.) with the dopest and most compelling photo
  • Best Agency- Given to the DC Government Agency (Feds, you can try too but my guess is y’all are out) with the best photo
  • Best Business- Given to the business with the best photo promoting the DC Flag and its business
  • Best Non-Profit- Given to the non-profit that has the best photo representing their organization and our beloved city-state
  • Artistic Expression- Given to the person/group with the most artistic photo
  • Best Pet- Given to the pet (owner) with the most cute, quirky, or compelling photo of a non-human living thing
  • Best Friend in a State-Given to the person/group from one of the 50 states with the best photo imploring their Representative/Senators to support DC Statehood or thanking those who already do!
  • Best Statehood Shot-Given to the person/group with the best photo symbolic of the fight for statehood

How to submit photos

Submit as many photos as you’d like. Just make sure they incorporate the DC flag!

You can submit photos in two ways:

  1. Email (before June 14):Send photos to unitedforstatehood@gmail.com by 11:59pm on June 13, and let us know which category/ies you’re competing for so we can post them for you on Twitter and share them on our webpage. Additionally, please share details about the group/people that took the photos (names, etc). The more information the better. By emailing us, you give us permission to post the photo publicly.
  2. Social media (on Flag Day ONLY – June 14th): Post your photo(s) on Twitter with the #DCFlagDay and #DCStatehood hashtags.

Judging and winners

Neighbors United for DC Statehood will judge submissions and the winners will be announced on Monday, June 18th. All winners will receive a unique certificate printed on the finest paper a copy store can provide and that we can afford. In addition to having multiple category winners,  there will be one Grand Prize Winner who will receive the esteemed DC Flag Day trophy.

This contest should be a fun and interactive way to highlight civic pride and let the country know what we want and deserve: Statehood.

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Pathway to Statehood

IMG_5398Today, you can help clear the path to statehood today by calling or emailing the following offices to request that these Senators cosponsor S. 1278, the Washington, DC Admission Act. We won’t be a state this Congress but by building our cosponsor list now we help clear the path for statehood in the years to come. Here’s a script and who to contact:

“I request that the Senator stand up with and for the 700,000+ American citizens living in the District of Columbia who deserve full congressional representation and autonomy over our local affairs. Please ask the Senator to support full voting rights for the people of DC by cosponsoring the D.C. statehood bill. Thank you!” 


Name State Phone Staff Lead Email
Bennet, Michael CO 202.224.5852 Allison Morrison allison_morrison@bennet.senate.gov
Blumenthal, Richard CT 202.224.2823 Mary Miller Flowers mary_flowers@blumenthal.senate.gov
Cantwell, Maria WA 202.224.3441 Lara Muldoon lara_muldoon@cantwell.senate.gov
Casey, Robert PA 202.224.6324 Benjamin Schwartz benjamin_schwartz@casey.senate.gov
Duckworth, Tammy IL 202.224.2854 Eric Goode eric_goode@duckworth.senate.gov
Feinstein, Diane CA 202.224.3821 Phillip Brest phillip_brest@judiciary-dem.senate.gov
Heinrich, Martin NM 202.224.5521 Dominic Saavedra dominic_saavedra@heinrich.senate.gov
Hirono, Mazie HI 202.224.6361 Jeremy Horan jeremy_horan@hirono.senate.gov
Jones, Doug AL Cissy Jackson cissy_jackson@jones.senate.gov
King, Angus ME 202.224.5344 Sanjay Kane sanjay_kane@king.senate.gov
Klobuchar, Amy MN 202.224.3244 Anne Knapke anne_knapke@klobuchar.senate.gov
Menendez, Robert NJ Daniel Stapelkamp
Murphy, Chris CT 202.224.4041 Michael Bednarczyk michael_bednarczyk@murphy.senate.gov
Peters, Gary MI 202.224.6221 Zephranie Buetow zephranie_buetow@peters.senate.gov
Reed, Jack RI 202.224.4642 Tom Clees tom_clees@reed.senate.gov
Shaheen, Jean NH 202.224.2841 Andrew Nielsen (Andy) andrew_nielsen@shaheen.senate.gov
Smith, Tina MN 202.224.5641 Nick Wunder nick_wunder@smith.senate.gov
Stabenow, Debbie MI 202.224.4822 Ani Toumajan ani_toumajan@stabenow.senate.gov
Udall, Tom NM 202.224.6621 Leticia Delgado leticia_delgado@tomudall.senate.gov
Whitehouse, Sheldon RI 202.224.2921 Alex Aronson alex_aronson@judiciary-dem.senate.gov
Warner, Mark VA 202.224.2023 Ross Svenson ross_svenson@warner.senate.gov
Wyden, Ron OR 202.224.5244 Thomas Brunet thomas_brunet@wyden.senate.gov

Thank you!


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Winds of Change


Andy – Ward 6

At our 2018 planning meeting we set a goal to get 30 cosponsors on the Senate statehood bill by year’s end. With the addition of Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) as cosponsors to the bill we have set a record for Senate cosponsors! Your work and your advocacy made this happen!!! And with the winds of change at our backs let’s keep pushing.

The 8 U.S. Senators listed below can get us to 30 if we keep the pressure on them. Here’s what to do: Email their staff right now and ask any family member or friend in their state to do so as well. Here’s what to say in your email and below is who you should address each email too:

  1. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT): mary_flowers@blumenthal.senate.gov
  2. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT): michael_bednarczyk@murphy.senate.gov
  3. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL): eric_goode@duckworth.senate.gov
  4. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ): daniel_stapelkamp@menendez.senate.gov
  5. Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI): jeremy_horan@hirono.senate.gov
  6. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH): andrew_nielsen@shaheen.senate.gov 
  7. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA): lara_muldoon@cantwell.senate.gov
  8. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR): thomas_brunet@wyden.senate.gov

Thank you,


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