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13x19Poster_April15_STATEHOODNeighbors United for DC Statehood is committed to reminding Senators, Representatives, and their staff that the ultimate goal of District citizens is statehood. We all must play a role in contacting members of Congress to thank those who support statehood and to educate and lobby those who do not.

The statehood bill has been introduced in the House (HR 51) and the Senate (S. 631) in the 116th Congress. The bill reflects the constitution, borders, and name approved by District voters (244,000 people or 86% of the vote) in November 2016. In the 116th Congress Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) is the lead sponsor for the Washington, DC Admission Act in the House of Representatives and Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) is the lead sponsor of the statehood bill in the US Senate. Both bills were introduced with a record number of coponsors and the list of cosponsors continues to grow!

We encourage all Americans, especially those of you who live in a STATE, to contact members of the House and Senate and urge them to support and cosponsor the Washington, DC Admission Act and thus support full equality for 700,000+ American citizens who are taxed but not represented.

Here are a few documents to aide in your congressional outreach efforts:

  1. Here are our key targeted Senators we need to cosponsor the D.C. statehood bill.
  2. A script for phone calls or emails to House and Senate offices.
  3. A fact sheet about the District’s case for statehood.
  4. A Summary of the Washington, DC Admission Act
  5. A FAQ Sheet about DC Statehood
  6. A map of the state of Washington, DC: State of Washington, DC

If you have questions about our congressional outreach efforts or want to join us on lobby days please follow our calendar to learn about upcoming meetings or send us an email:

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