About Us

CFB_StatehoodNeighbors United for Statehood is a group of District citizens who believe that through grassroots community organizing and strategic congressional outreach we can be the foundation and driving force behind the DC Statehood movement. Our strategy is to work neighborhood by neighborhood educating and organizing small groups at a time to build a sustainable movement for statehood. These groups work to recruit their friends and neighbors while also targeting members of Congress for sustained outreach and lobbying focused on statehood.

Our most active group is the Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood, an expansion of a group in  Brookland. In partnership with the DC Statehood Coalition Neighbors for Statehood groups are being formed in all 8 Wards. Our belief is that only when average District citizens take ownership of this cause will it finally become a reality.

We welcome you to join our work with and on behalf of 632,000+ disenfranchised District citizens.

To learn more please email us at: unitedforstatehood@gmail.com

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