A More Inclusive Democracy

Statehood Bill Cosponsors 061419There will be a hearing on September 19, on D.C. Statehood bill (HR 51) before the House Oversight Committee. HR 51 has a historic high of 218 cosponsors (and growing) and we expect the bill to pass out of Committee & get a successful floor vote. The statehood bill in the U.S. Senate, S. 631, has a tougher plight. There are now an impressive 33 cosponsors on the bill but we need to make sure to continue to grow that list. 

The below 10 Senators are NOT presently cosponsoring the D.C. statehood bill! They need to hear both from their constituents & the people of D.C. 

If you have family or friends in the below states please ask them to email & call their Senators on our behalf and you should do so as well. It takes 10 minutes to either call or email below Senators. Here’s a script for calls and emails, and for tweets you can write “.@SenatorX should stand up for democracy and equality for the 700,000+ Americans living in D.C. by cosponsoring the #DCStatehood bill.”

Name State Phone Staff Lead Email
Sinema, Krysten AZ 202.224.4521 Joe Russell joe_russell@sinema.senate.gov
Feinstein, Diane CA 202.224.3841 Phillip Brest phillip_brest@judiciary-dem.senate.gov
King, Angus ME 202.224.5344 Sanjay Kane sanjay_kane@king.senate.gov
Peters, Gary MI 202.224.6221 Jackson Voss jackson_voss@hsgac.senate.gov
Stabenow, Debbie MI 202.224.4822 Maxine Terry maxine_terry@stabenow.senate.gov
Rosen, Jackie NV 202.224.6244 Olga Zoraqi olga_zoraqi@rosen.senate.gov
Wyden, Ron OR 202.224.5244 Isaiah Akin isaiah_akin@wyden.senate.gov
Reed, Jack RI 202.224.4642 Renuka Nagaraj renuka_nagaraj@reed.senate.gov
Whitehouse, Sheldon RI 202.224.2921 Alex Aronson alex_aronson@judiciary-dem.senate.gov
Cantwell, Maria WA 202.224.3441 Rosemary Gutierrez rosemary_gutierrez@cantwell.senate.gov


D.C. statehood is one issue that will help make our union more just, equitable, and democratic. 

Thank you,



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