DC Flag Day Winners – 2019!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in #DCFlagDay 2019! You all are fantastic, prideful, and inspiring people! We will achieve D.C. statehood, together!

Best Ward- Ward 6


Best Group- 51 for 51 Campaign submitted by Sam Bonar 


Best Spirit- BB!!!


Best Dressed- Office of the Secretary (Red & White!!!)


Best Elected Official- Tie between CM Nadeau & CM Grosso Teams


Best Agency- Executive Office of the Mayor


Cutest- Flag Baby!!!


Artistic Expression- Casey Trees


Best Pet- Maisey!!!


Best Friend in Another State (country)- Jennifer Swift-Morgan


Best Message- CM Charles Allen (www.showup4dc.com)


Best Statehood Shot- Congresswoman Norton… 


and Senator Carper!

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