It’s Here!!!


Senator Tom Carper of Delaware has introduced the Washington, DC Admission Act, S. 631, in the U.S. Senate with a record number of cosponsors (29) at introduction!!! The record number of cosponsors at introduction is a testament to the hard work of each and everyone of you consisting of meetings, emails, calls, and tweets! This was a team effort! We expect several additional Senators to add their names in the coming days and weeks based on recent meetings and communications with other Senate staff.

We will continue our work to push this issue forward and compel Senators & Representatives to continue to add their names to this important piece of social justice & voting rights legislation! The House bill, HR 51, should break the 200 cosponsor threshold in the coming days as well! There are lots of reason to rejoice but let’s also remember to get re-energized and re-double our efforts to make D.C. the 51st state!

Please take a moment today to call, tweet, or write to Senator Carper to say thank you for his leadership & dedication to this issue!

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE)



Peace & Love,


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