Operation Minnesota

Minnesota is a great state with great people who continually rank the highest in voter turnout among the states. They clearly love and believe in democracy which makes them a natural ally in our pursuit of equality in the American union via statehood. Presently, Minnesota Representatives in the House McCollum, Ellison, Walz, and Nolan all cosponsor HR 1291. Previously, Senators Wellstone and Franken cosponsored the statehood bills but neither current Senator cosponsors S. 1278, the D.C. Statehood Bill.

We need you and your family and friends in Minnesota to email/call Senators Klobuchar and Smith and ask that they take a stand for the fair and equal treatment of the people of DC by cosponsoring the D.C. Statehood bill, S. 1278. The more people who call and write from Minnesota, the better!

Senator Phone Staff Lead
Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) 202.224.3244 Elizabeth Farrar, elizabeth_farrar@klobuchar.senate.gov
Tina Smith (D-MN) 202.224.5641 Gohar Sedighi, gohar_sedighi@smith.senate.gov

Thank you,


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