Where We Stand: The US Senate

Here’s a map of D.C. Statehood Support in the US Senate. We have a record number of cosponsors this Congress but there remains lots of room for improvement.

DC Statehood Support in US Senate

Please call the offices below and ask that they too cosponsor S. 1278, the Washington, DC Admission Act:

  • Connecticut: Senator Chris Murphy – 202.224.4041
  • New Hampshire: Senator Jean Shaheen – 202.224.2841
  • Illinois: Senator Tammy Duckworth – 202.224.2854
  • Oregon: Senator Ron Wyden – 202.224.5244
  • Virginia: Senator Mark Warner – 202.224.2023
  • Washington: Senator Maria Cantwell – 202.224.3441
  • Rhode Island: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – 202.224.2921
  • Minnesota: Senator Amy Klobuchar – 202.224.3244
  • Minnesota: Senator Tina Smith – 202.224.5641
  • Florida: Senator Bill Nelson – 202.224.5274

Let’s keep filling out this map in the pursuit of equality for the people of DC! Unless a state is RED have your friends and family call their Senators asking them to support #DCStatehood!

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