Where We Stand: The US Senate

Here’s a map of D.C. Statehood Support in the US Senate. We have a record number of cosponsors this Congress but there remains lots of room for improvement.

Senate Support for DC Statehood_


Please call the offices below and ask that they too cosponsor S. 1278, the Washington, DC Admission Act:

  • Connecticut: Senator Chris Murphy – 202.224.4041
  • New Hampshire: Senator Jean Shaheen – 202.224.2841
  • Oregon: Senator Ron Wyden – 202.224.5244
  • Virginia: Senator Mark Warner – 202.224.2023
  • Washington: Senator Maria Cantwell – 202.224.3441
  • Rhode Island: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – 202.224.2921
  • Minnesota: Senator Amy Klobuchar – 202.224.3244
  • Minnesota: Senator Tina Smith – 202.224.5641
  • Florida: Senator Bill Nelson – 202.224.5274

Let’s keep filling out this map in the pursuit of equality for the people of DC! Unless a state is RED have your friends and family call their Senators asking them to support #DCStatehood!

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