2018 #DCFlagDay Winners

And the winners of the 2018 #DCFlagDay Photo Contest Are:


Best Ward- #WARD6 not #The6


Best Advocacy- My children & I (before there are calls for a recount to be clear I shamelessly gave this award to me & my children because 1. we deserved it; and 2. no one else submitted a photo directed at a specific Senator or Rep)


Best Group- Mayor Bowser’s Team


Best Elected Official- Councilmember Brianne Nadeau


Best Agency- DOEE


Best Business- Urban Forest Perfume Co.


Best Non-Profit- DC VOTE


Artistic Expression- Claudia Rauch


Best Pet- Eva Guenther


Best Friend of the 51st State- Congresswoman Norton


Best Statehood Shot- Councilmember Charles Allen in #ALLCAPS Glory

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