2017 DC Flag Day Winners

We had over 150 submissions for #DCFlagDay in 2017 all of which were great photos demonstrating the rich and proud tapestry of the people, places, talents, and passion that make up the District of Columbia. Each one of these photos came from a place of love and pride in the District of Columbia and for that we thank and honor all who participated. You all are great so here’s is our #DCFlagDay post and our Facebook page with all of the photos for you to enjoy. Our panel of three judges had the hard and unenviable task of picking the best of the best and here they are:

Best Ward: Ward 6 – The people of Ward 6, led by impressive cheer-leading by Councilmember Charles Allen had the most Tweets celebrating DC Flag Day thus they are the best ward!

Best Group Shot: School Within A School

Best Business: 405 Yoga

Best Agency: District Department of Energy & Environment

Best Friend in a State: Utah (great way to say peace out to Jason Whatshisname)!

Best Sports Team (not actually a category but this D.C. United tweet is badass):

Best Pet: @Joblowocky

Best Artistic Expression: Tarah Demant

Best Elected Official: Robert White

Best #HandsOffDC: Americans for Self Rule

Best Statehood: We The 51st State

People’s Choice Award (aka Grand Prize) as it goes to the Tweet with the most Likes and Retweets which was clearly Councilmember Robert White.


Congrats and thanks to all! This was a helluva lot of fun and let’s do it bigger and better next year!

Neighbors United for DC Statehood

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