DC Flag Day – 2017

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This is who we are. We are the people of the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital, and the last vestige of Taxation Without Representation on American soil. We are 681,000 strong and growing (more people than Vermont and Wyoming). We pay over $26 billion in federal taxes per year, more than 20 states. We are the unfulfilled promise of America yet we are very much Americans. We dream big, we work, we laugh, we love, we struggle, we strive, we seek and most definitely we persist.

We are more than just our political status. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, teachers, business owners, fire fighters, waiters & waitresses, librarians, engineers, construction workers, nurses and doctors, taxi drivers and bike messengers, and all sort of other titles and relationships that bind us to each other and our family and friends in the 50 states. We are people. We are Americans. We seek what most of you already have: fairness and equality through statehood.

Last November 86% of us voted in favor of statehood on a referendum. We believe and know that statehood is the only way to gain permanent, full, and equal representation in Congress and to rid our selves of congressional meddling. We want what the rest of the country already has, nothing more and nothing less. We deserve equality, we deserve statehood.

As we raise our flag today we celebrate our past, present, and future as Americans who fulfill all obligations of citizenship yet are denied its most fundamental rights. We are proud of who we are and confident in what we seek. We want you and need you to join us in our pursuit of fair and equal treatment in the American union as the 51st state.

Here’s how you can help: https://the51st.org/contact-congress/

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