Gentle Nudge for D.C. Statehood

Thanks to Senator Carper (D-DE) we have a D.C. statehood bill (S 1278) in the U.S. Senate with 19 cosponsors but he needs our help to get more cosponsors and faster.  As such we need to give a few offices a gentle nudge as a reminder to support D.C. statehood by signing on as a cosponsor to Senator Carper’s bill. We have two groups of Senators who we need to firmly & politely nudge: 1) former cosponsors of the statehood bill who have yet to indicate that they will cosponsor again and 2) Senators who seem like natural allies in this cause given their past words, work, and votes but who have never formally cosponsored statehood legislation for DC.

We need you to send email now to the two groups below!

Group One: Former Cosponsors
We know that the below Senators support statehood so we just need to remind staff (passive aggressively) of the issue and their boss’ past support for it. Please send emails that say roughly: “Please extend my thanks to the Senator for standing up for equality for the people of DC by being a steadfast supporter of D.C. statehood. I sincerely hope the Senator will once again cosponsor the D.C. statehood bill to be offered by Senator Carper.”

Here’s who to email in each office:

Group Two: Potential First Time Cosponsors
We have no guarantee these Senators will cosponsor the bill and some have been resistant to it in the past but we need to send these staff a quick appeal to get their bosses to cosponsor the D.C. statehood bill this Congress. Here’s a script.

Here’s who to email in each office:

Email these offices as soon as possible and get family and friends in these states to do so as well.

We can do this. We won’t be a state this year or next but each cosponsor is a vital piece of the puzzle that will one day lead us to being equal partners in the American experiment.

Thank you, thank you, & thank you!


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