Vote Yes for DC Statehood!!!

On Tuesday, October 18, the DC Council amended and approved a final constitution prior to the vote on statehood scheduled for November 8th (with early voting starting on Oct. 22nd). Thanks to Councilmembers Grosso, McDuffie, Allen, Silverman, White, Nadeau, Alexander, and May the constitution now mandates that a constitutional convention of elected delegates takes place within 2 years after our admission as the 51st state. This is a huge pro-democracy step forward and we all should send our thanks to the aforementioned Councilmembers as this ensures that our new state government will be crafted by elected citizen delegates from across the new state!

Please vote YES and encourage others to vote YES for statehood on Nov. 8 (early voting starts Oct. 22) as well. Talk to friends, neighbors, and coworkers directly about it, promote it on social media, and post on neighborhood listserves. We need to have this referendum receive overwhelming support so that the nation and our “friends” in Congress can see that the people of DC clearly want to be granted statehood.

This vote alone will not make us a state therefore we have a lot of work before us to make the dream of statehood a reality. As such on November 2nd from 7-9pm at Brookland Pint we’ll be having a Fall planning meeting to discuss what to do in the week leading up to Election Day and what to do in the remaining months of the 114th Congress after the vote (including our Op-Ed Writer’s Project for DC Statehood).

Please email us at unitedforstatehood at gmail dot com if you’ll be joining us on Nov. 2 and please tell your friends and neighbors to Vote YES for Statehood on November 8th. You can get a yard sign for the referendum here:

Thank you,

Josh Burch

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