Op-Eds for DC Statehood

One of the most cost effective and far reaching ways to spread the word about statehood is to get op-eds published about moral, legal, and constitutional case for D.C. statehood. Over the last several years we’ve done a good job of getting op-eds published in papers around the country but there is more to do. After the referendum on statehood this November our hope is to have allies across the country send in Op-Eds to their local papers asking their members of Congress to stand with the people of DC and support statehood. We need volunteers to start drafting their own Op-Eds and recruiting friends and family in Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and any other you so choose to take part in this effort.

The best time to submit Op-Eds will be after November’s vote on the referendum for statehood that way, provided it passes, the case for statehood will be reinforced by a positive vote for it by the people of D.C. Our goal with these Op-Eds are two-fold: 1) to raise awareness about the statehood cause in the 50 states and 2) to build our list of cosponsors on both the House (HR 317) & Senate (S 1688) statehood bills.

Below are a couple of Op-Eds that we’ve gotten published in papers around the country over the last few years but it has been hard as most papers prefer local people writing their Op-Eds not folks from DC like me.

Please let us know if you are willing to draft an Op-Ed for a particular state and newspaper and/or if you can convince a friend or family member in one of those states to submit it for us. Send us an email at unitedforstatehood at gmail dot com and we can send you fact sheets and talking points to help build an effective and powerful Op-Ed.
Thank you,
Josh Burch
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