Heating Up for D.C. Statehood

Over the last several weeks there’s been a lot of actions related to D.C. statehood, the movement is heating up! The Republican Party shamefully included extremely offensive anti-statehood language in its platform despite the best efforts of the DC GOP to remove the language. The Democratic Party for the first time in over a decade now has pro-statehood language in its Party Platform joining the Green Party with that distinction. And while the Libertarian Party does not have an official stance on statehood its Presidential candidate does support statehood for the people of DC!

Support in party platforms or from Presidential candidates alone will not get us statehood therefore we still have a lot of work to do to build support for this cause across the country & specifically in Congress. There are 15 Senators I believe we should pressure right now to formally cosponsor the statehood bill. The Senate is currently on recess which makes this is a perfect time to reach out to staff as they have more availability to research issues and to draft cosponsor memos. Let’s voice our opinion that their bosses should cosponsor S. 1688, the New Columbia Admission Act.

Senator State Staff Email
Richard Blumenthal CT Sam Simon Sam_Simon@blumenthal.senate.gov
Chris Murphy CT Michael Bednarczyk Michael_bednarczyk@murphy.senate.gov
Amy Klobuchar MN Ben Driscoll Ben_driscoll@klobuchar.senate.gov
Robert Menendez NJ Andrew Geibel Andrew_geibel@menendez.senate.gov
Angus King ME Sanjay Kane Sanjay_kane@king.senate.gov
Mark Warner VT Lauren Marshall Lauren_marshall@warner.senate.gov
Mazie Hirono HI Shelby Boxembaum Shelby_boxembaum@hirono.senate.gov
Ron Wyden OR Thomas Brunet Thomas_brunet@wyden.senate.gov
Gary Peters MI Jordan Wells Jordan_wells@peters.senate.gov
Debbie Stabenow MI Kristen Lee Kristen_lee@stabenow.senate.gov
Sheldon Whitehouse RI Lara Quint Lara_quint@judiciary-dem.senate.gov
Tom Udall NM Matt Nelson Matt_nelson@tomudall.senate.gov
Martin Heinrich NM Jude McCartin Jude_mccartin@heinrich.senate.gov
Maria Cantwell WA Pete Modaff Pete_modaff@cantwell.senate.gov

Emails should be short direct and make sure the explicitly ask that their boss “cosponsor the D.C. statehood bill” as it is the only bill before Congress that will make the citizens of the District full and equal U.S. citizens. Since the below list targets Democrats (and one Independent who caucuses with the Dems) you can mention additionally that 1) Secretary Clinton has voiced strong support for DC Statehood in an Op-Ed in the Informer Newspaper; 2) the Party Platform endorses it; and 3) there have been 26 bills or amendments targeting DC’s local laws just in the 114th Congress demonstrating the undemocratic attempted intrusions into our affairs because we are not a state. Please send emails as soon as possible to the following offices so that the cosponsor list will grow when the Senate comes back into session in September and please ask family & friends in these Senators states to do the same.

Together we can make statehood a reality but we have to work for it!

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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