We Demand Statehood

13x19Poster_April15_STATEHOODIt’s Tax Day across the nation but here in the nation’s capital today is a stark reminder that we’re the unfinished business of the American Revolution. While our nation’s founders fought to end taxation without representation here in the District we still live under such an unjust and undemocratic system so today we’re raising awareness about our status but also asking the the people of the 50 states contact your Senators and ask that they take a stand with and for the 672,000 disenfranchised tax paying Americans in the District of Columbia.

Please contact the following Senators and ask they they add their name to S. 1688, the New Columbia Admission Act (aka the D.C. Statehood bill). Statehood for the people of the District would simply mean that after 230 years we are finally treated fairly & equally with our family and friends in the 50 states.

Here’s our targeted Senate list that you should reach out to:

Name State Staff Lead Email
Blumenthal, Richard CT Don Bell don_bell@blumenthal.senate.gov
Cantwell, Maria WA Pete Modaff pete_modaff@cantwell.senate.gov
Heinrich, Martin NM Jude McCartin jude_mccartin@heinrich.senate.gov
Hirono, Mazie HI Adam Tanga adam_tanga@hirono.senate.gov
King, Angus ME Chad Metzler chad_metzler@king.senate.gov
Klobuchar, Amy MN Ben Driscoll ben_driscoll@klobuchar.senate.gov
Merkley, Jeff OR Jeremiah Baumann jeremiah_baumann@merkley.senate.gov
Murphy, Chris CT David Bonine david_bonine@murphy.senate.gov
Peters, Gary MI Jordan Wells jordan_wells@peters.senate.gov
Schatz, Brian HI Dale Hahn dale_hahn@schatz.senate.gov
Stabenow, Debbie MI Emily Carwell emily_carwell@stabenow.senate.gov
Udall, Tom NM Andrew Wallace andrew_wallace@tomudall.senate.gov
Warner, Mark VA Elizabeth Falcone elizabeth_falcone@warner.senate.gov
Whitehouse, Sheldon RI Lara Quint lara_quint@judiciary-dem.senate.gov
Wyden, Ron OR Sarah Bittleman sarah_bittleman@wyden.senate.gov

Send a quick email today and let these staff members know that we fulfill all obligations of citizenship including paying our taxes so it’s now time to grant us the full rights of citizenship by making us the 51st state in the union.

Thank you,

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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