Supreme Injustice

The vacancy on the Supreme Court warrants a call to action for statehood advocates. Let’s remind members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (and others) that we deserve to have two Senators to vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices, all federal judges, and our own local judges too!

On the minority side of the committee (the Democrats) Senators Leahy, Durbin, Schumer, Franken, and Coons are all cosponsors of the D.C. statehood bill (S. 1688) but Senators Feinstein, Klobuchar, Whitehouse, and Blumenthal are silent on the statehood legislation. We need to remind them that if they believe in the tenets of fairness and equality they must then support the right of 672,000 Americans to be treated equally as the 51st state in the union. Because we are not a state we have no check on the federal judiciary or even our own local judiciary, both of which are counter to the principles of our country.

Please reach out to the following staff to remind them that our voices and votes deserve to be heard in the judicial confirmation process. Ask that their bosses support equality for the people of D.C. by cosponsoring S. 1688, the New Columbia Admission Act:

Senator State Staff Staff Email
Blumenthal, Richard CT Don Bell
Feinstein, Diane CA John Watts
Klobuchar, Amy MN Ben Driscoll
Whitehouse, Sheldon RI Lara Quint


Let’s lift our voices together to say that excluding the people of D.C. from the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justices, all federal judges, & our own local judges is a supreme injustice for which the only permanent remedy is statehood for people of D.C.

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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