Own the Statehood Movement

The push for equality for District citizens through statehood needs YOU to be a part of the movement. We, the people, need to own the statehood movement if we to become a state. As such here are a few ways that each and every one of us can lend a hand to the cause:

  1. Invite us to co-host a statehood Q & A or DC Trivia session at your home, work, civic group, place of worship, or alternate venue. Home by home, neighborhood by neighborhood we need to build a statehood movement through education and organizing. Email us to arrange at date: unitedforstatehood@gmail.com
  2. Email these U.S. Senate staffers right now and ask that their bosses cosponsor 1688, the New Columbia Admission Act:
  1. Ask your friends and family to email their Representatives and Senators asking that they cosponsor the statehood bills in the House (R. 317) and Senate (S. 1688) or thank them if they already have cosponsored. We need to get people in the 50 states to become our allies & advocates.

Through small but coordinated and focused acts we can continue to build support for the statehood movement to see that 51st star added to the flag. Congress and the President have the authority to make us a state but we, the people, have the power to compel them to act.

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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