Continuing Revolution

Keeping the government open is a good thing and good government doing so while also denying citizens of the nation’s capital the right to vote in Congress and the right to control our own local laws and budget is anti-democratic. The continuing resolution (CR) will keep the federal government open into December but it also continues to impose policy riders on the District covering an array of issues including our right to spend money on reproductive health services for low income women and the right to spend funds related to Initiative 71.

While we are continuously shut out of Congress and denied final say on our own affairs that does not mean we should stay silent. Statehood is the only legislative path forward that will permanently grant us full and equal congressional representation and free us from congressional meddling in our local laws and budget.

We need to let staff/offices know now that this budget has anti-democratic components to it focused squarely and solely on the 658,000 citizens of the District of Columbia who contribute more in federal revenues than 21 states and we are none to happy about it.

Please send an email to the staff/offices listed below and let them know it’s time they support democracy for ALL Americans and add their name as cosponsors to the D.C. statehood bill, S. 1688:

Name State Staff Lead Email
Blumenthal, Richard CT Don Bell
Cantwell, Maria WA Pete Modaff
Heinrich, Martin NM Jude McCartin
Hirono, Mazie HI Coti Haia
Kaine, Tim VA Mary Naylor
King, Angus ME Chad Metzler
Kirk, Mark IL Greg Tosi
Klobuchar, Amy MN Travis Talvitie
Merkley, Jeff OR Jeremiah Baumann
Murphy, Chris CT David Bonine
Peters, Gary MI David Weinberg
Portman, Rob OH Pam Thiessen
Schatz, Brian HI Dale Hahn
Stabenow, Debbie MI Emily Carwell
Udall, Tom NM Andrew Wallace
Warner, Mark VA Elizabeth Falcone
Whitehouse, Sheldon RI Lara Quint
Wyden, Ron OR Sarah Bittleman



Brookland, DC

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