Fall Forward for D.C. Statehood

We will be tabling a couple of community events in the coming weeks (H St. Fest on 9/19 and RIA Fest on 10/3) to help educate others about the statehood cause and to recruit new people to the movement. We need people to help table these events. And yes, tabling is fun, no really, it is! It’s a great chance to talk with people about what we are doing and they can share with us what they think we should be doing. In addition to sharing information we’ll have some D.C. statehood temporary tattoos for folks, bumper stickers, and other goodies. We hope you can join us to table for an hour or two. It’s always great to have a few folks there at once.

To sign up to table please fill out this Doodle calendar: http://doodle.com/bakdm9ubvrpggzk2

And lastly, we will be renewing our push to add cosponsors to the statehood bill in the Senate this fall and could use your voice and that of your family and friends in this effort. In particular, we’re focusing on roughly 20 Senators (Senators_Fall2015) with the goal of adding cosponsors to the current bill knowing that this Senate won’t take up the statehood bill but we’ll be widening our support come next Congress. As such we need to know who is willing to help send emails, draft op-eds, make a call, or some other action to keep this on the radars of Senators. Please fill out this spreadsheet so we know who can help with which states:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aWo5A5sWYvDcvxGaBrss5jbbfmEy42EJ-eJIgV_1bMM/edit?usp=sharing

We hope to see, speak with, and learn from you at H St. Festival or RIA Fest!


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