And the winners are…

People across the District embraced the D.C. Flag Day photo contest with great vigor and for that we are heartened, inspired, and grateful. We received an overwhelming number of submissions from across the District that showed people’s pride in the District and allegiance to the cause that would make us full and equal citizens: statehood. Photos submissions were evaluated by a team of untrained professionals who have big hearts, sound minds, and a commitment to the statehood cause. The unlicensed, unregistered, and barely qualified accounting firm of Burch & Associates tallied the scores of the judges to verify the below DC Flag Day 2015 Award Winners:

Best Citizen Statehood Shot: @SMC_DC

Best Council Statehood Shot: Anita Bonds

Best Citizen Group Shot: Capital Rowing Club

Best Council Group Shot: Laruby May’s

Best Council Shot for Artistic Expression: David Grosso who took photos of fantastic DC Flag artwork all over the city.

Best Citizen Shot for Artistic Expression: Lyndsey Medsker

Best Ward (most photo submissions): Ward 6

Grand Champion: Anita Bonds & Staff

There were so many fantastic shots that judging was extremely hard and there are a few photos that we had to post below in our newly created “Honorable Mention for Kick-Ass Photo” Section.




Jason Kopp

Andy Le

Mr. Henry’s

This was a lot of fun this year and it was great to see such positive energy and civic pride. Our challenge remains however to turn this civic pride and energy into a sustained and powerful movement for statehood. Our goal is to one day celebrate Flag Day by hoisting a 51 star U.S. flag that includes the District of Columbia as a full in equal member as one of the United States of America.

Email us if you want to join the statehood movement, there’s something for everyone to do!

Josh Burch

Neighbors United for DC Statehood

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