Our Senate Bill: Statehood

Senator Carper will soon offer the New Columbia Admission Act (D.C. Statehood Bill) in the U.S. Senate but before then he needs our help. No really, he does. While it’s his name on the bill we need to own this legislation. It’s our bill, our status, our future, and our equality at stake. We need to do the heavy lifting to build support for it. When the 113th Congress adjourned there were 21 cosponsors on the bill but this Congress we should be able to get that number and more if only we all act together to pressure Senators to put their name on the bill. In the House there are 120 cosponsors on the statehood bill, HR 317, which is a record number for the bill. In the Senate, we should be able to get 20-30 cosponsors this session but it will take a lot of work and like anything else in life if we want it done right we have to do it ourselves. Step one is to get old or likely cosponsors to add their name to the bill before it is introduced. Please use this spreadsheet (Key Potential Senate Cosponsors) and reach out to Senate staff and ask that their boss add her/his name to the statehood bill.

Here’s a sample email to send: Dear X, Senator Carper will soon reintroduce the New Columbia Admission Act (aka D.C. Statehood bill). At its core this bill is about treating the people of the District fairly and equally with citizens in the 50 states. We in the District fulfill all obligations of citizenship yet are denied full and equal representation in Congress and are denied the final say over our local affairs. I hope that the Senator will join with Senator Carper and others in adding her/his name to the New Columbia Admission Act and take a stand with and for the equal treatment of Americans who live in the District of Columbia.

We know a few former cosponsors are signing back on but there are others who still need to once again stand with us publicly. I hope you can send a brief email to the list linked above because if we all lend our voice to this cause we will have an impact. We have 658,000 people that should be engaged in this struggle. Statehood won’t happen overnight nor will it happen this Congress but if we do nothing we’ll get nothing. Building cosponsors is a powerful way to show this bill has support in Congress and across the country and over time as we build our list of supporters we will reach a tipping point where we will force Congress to act.

If you can’t reach out to every office listed reach out to a few. Together we can make history. Together we can create a state.

Thank you,

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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