Tax Day & D.C. Emancipation Day 2015

TAXDAY2015Tax day (April 15th) and D.C. Emancipation Day (April 16th) are two big opportunities to raise awareness about our status and cause on tax day and honor our past and work for our future on DC Emancipation Day. We need your help in making these days a success!

First, on April 15th we are asking that you use Facebook, Twitter, Email, or other on-line venue to raise awareness about our plight. Use the image in this post and share it with friends and family to spread our message that we pay over $24 billion in taxes, more than 21 states, so where’s our representation? Where’s our statehood?

Second, on April 16th, DC Emancipation Day, we’ll be having our first statehood advocacy day of the 114th Congress. From 12:30pm until 4pm we’ll be on meeting with Senate offices building support for the statehood bill that Senator Carper will introduce next week. WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US. Seriously, we need a big showing to let staff and Senators know that even with grim prospects for the bill this Congress we’re still energized, excited, and passionate about fully joining the union as the 51st state. No experience on the Hill needed as we’ll break up into teams each led by wonderful & knowledgeable people. If you can’t join us but have family and friends who live in CT, OR, MN, RI, MI, NM, or VA please let me know because we need them to email their Senators on our behalf. We’ll supply sample email text and contact info for them. You can RSVP for the advocacy day here or by emailing us at

Please let us know if you’ll be able to help spread our message on Tax Day, DC Emancipation Day, or both. We need you!

Thank you,


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