March Forward for Statehood

There are a lot of good things happening in March for D.C. statehood all of which you can be a part of. Don’t be shy and please join us and take ownership of the cause that will make 660,000 Americans full and equal citizens:

  1. On March 17th at 6:30pm at the Busboys and Poets in Edgewood/Brookland we’ll be hosting a panel discussion titled “From #DCFerguson to #DCStatehood – Fighting for equality from your living room to on-line and in the streets.” We will be looking at other social justice movements to learn from their strategies and tactics to help move the statehood effort forward. We have a great panel with Veronica Davis, Sarah Anne Hughes, Eugene Puryear, and Clinton Yates. Take a look at the Facebook page hereor on Busboys page here. We hope you will join us that evening and encourage your friends and family to join us as well.
  2. As always there are emails and tweet to be sent to targeted Senators (and House members too) as well as other actions we all can take from home or from a neighborhood civic group that are laid out in 5 Easy Steps. We all can do something for statehood and cumulatively it will all have a big impact. The power and effectiveness of the statehood movement lies in the hearts, homes, neighborhoods, and Wards that make up this wonderful city-state. If we collectively work for it we will achieve it.
  3. And finally, please save April 16th as a date where you’ll take off from work to both commemorate DC Emancipation Day and to spend the afternoon on the Hill lobbying for DC statehood. Senator Carper has committed to introducing the statehood bill before DC Emancipation Day and we will have our first big lobby day of the 114th Congress then and we need you to be with us. Please let me know if you can join us that day as we would love to have you!

Let’s March Forward for D.C. statehood!

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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