You Say You Want a Resolution

While a revolution for statehood might get us there faster resolutions for statehood are an important component of expressing and demonstrating widespread support for the cause. In 2013, the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association, the Bloomingdale Civic Association, the Bates St. Civic Association, and the Hillcrest Community Civic Association all passed resolutions in support of D.C. statehood. These resolutions help show that the people that make up the civic fabric of the District care about the statehood cause and support it.

Recently, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Walter Deleon (5C02) introduced a resolution to get ANC 5C to support the resolution and it is time that others follow suit. While a referendum on statehood is the best way to set the record straight about what the people of D.C. want these resolutions also have value. These resolutions help demonstrate that there is widespread support for statehood among the grassroots groups that truly know and reflect the thoughts, cares, and concerns of the citizenry.

In the coming weeks or months if you are a member of an ANC, Civic/Citizens Association, another civic group, or even a business/business association please propose that the resolution is considered and passed by whatever group you belong to and share it with us. Let’s build a widespread network of civic groups from Ward 1 to Ward 8 that all stand united in support for statehood, the only thing that will make us free and treat us fairly and equally within the American union.

Here is a draft of the resolution that can be adapted to you group’s liking: DCStatehoodResolution

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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2 Responses to You Say You Want a Resolution

  1. What would become of the wards and ANC districts, if the NCAA were passed? Would each ward or ANC become townships or cities?

    • jburch51 says:

      They’d stay the same. There’s nothing constitutionally that requires that states have townships or cities. We be a city-state that operates the same way we do now but without congressional meddling.

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