Snow Day = Statehood Day!

Are you at home today? With a day in the house why not lend 5 minutes or an hour to lend your voice to encourage U.S. Senators to support the D.C. statehood bill (New Columbia Admission Act)? Senator Carper has committed to reintroducing the statehood bill this year and today is a great day to let other Senators know that we want them to cosponsor the bill.

You can either send a simple tweet to a Senator’s account like this: .@SenJeffMerkley please take a stand for fairness & equality and cosponsor the #DCStatehood bill.

Or you can send a simple email to the staff members who are the leads for the statehood bill in select offices. You should feel free to pour your heart, mind, and soul out in an email or you can make it short and sweet like this:

Dear Staffer X,

Please ask Senator Y to take a stand for the fair and equal treatment of the citizens of the District of Columbia by cosponsoring the New Columbia Admission Act when Senator Carper introduces it this year.

You can find twitter handles & staff contacts for our targeted Senators here: 114th Priority Senators

Every tweet, email, or phone call makes a difference so please lend your voice to the cause today.

Thanks for helping make this Snow Day a #DCStatehood Day too!

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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