“CRomnibus” is Short for CRappy Omnibus

District citizens should be enraged about the U.S. Congress attempting to overturn the District’s ballot initiative on marijuana legalization. Congress, a supposedly democratic body is acting to subvert democracy in the neighborhoods that surround the U.S. Capitol. Time is short before this bill comes up for a vote in the U.S. Senate but we must raise our collective voices and ask and demand that Senators to vote NO on the “CRomnibus.” Please take time to call Senate offices, to tweet to them, or go in person to their offices to express your displeasure.

Messages can be short and to the point: “Senator X Please respect the voice and VOTE of the people of D.C. and on the budget deal.

Congress is once again disrespecting our voice and our vote and we must speak out against this.

Josh Burch


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