The Final Countdown (for this Congress)

The D.C. Statehood bill (New Columbia Admission Act) will not be moving forward in the lame duck session of Congress but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t work to be done. With less than two weeks left in the lame duck Congress we can continue to build the cosponsor list in the House & Senate to help show which members of Congress are our true friends and allies moving forward. Specifically, there are several key Senators that need to hear from District citizens and their own constituents to help compel them to join the statehood bill, S. 132, as a cosponsor.

Take a few minutes to email the following staff members asking that their bosses cosponsor the bill or just tweet to their accounts asking that s/he cosponsor “S. 132 and take a stand for fairness & equality via #DCstatehood.”

It takes just a few minutes to have a big impact in pushing the statehood cause forward so take a look at our list of Priority Senators and start contacting them NOW!

We won’t be a state this Congress but we’re building a foundation of supporters this Congress that will help support the cause moving forward. The more, the merrier so let’s add a few more cosponsors before Congress adjourns.

Thanks to you all,


Brookland, DC

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