United, We Can Do This!

Earlier this summer we embarked on an initiative to build support for the New Columbia Admission Act (DC statehood bill) in the Senate in the lead up to a promised hearing by Senator Tom Carper (D-DE). Senator Carper, through staff, continues to reaffirm his commitment to holding a hearing on the bill this year but to date our summer initiative has yielded no new cosponsors on the bill. With the Senate going into recess for the month of August this is our last week to add cosponsors before the break so let’s make one last push before the recess!

Our 12 target Senators have all expressed support for the District in the past and some have legislative records in support of statehood for the people of DC (Sens. Leahy, Cantwell, Menendez, & Wyden). Please email the following staff members and ask that their bosses add their names to S. 132, the New Columbia Admission. If we getting 5 people emailing them it will get their attention but if we get 20-30 people emailing it’ll be hard for them to ignore us so let’s all send emails to the staff members in the 12 Senate offices listed in this link: SummerAssignment2014

With congressional attempts at meddling in District affairs reaching a fevered pitch of late combined with the President’s support for statehood last week there couldn’t be a more opportune time to call on our supporters to finally add their names to the statehood bill.

Emails can be brief (ie. Please ask Senator X to had her/his name to S. 132 & take a stand for equality for the people of the District of Columbia) or they can be more lengthy. Most importantly we need to send these emails this week. Let’s add cosponsors to this bill to help show Senator Carper there is support for his bill not just in the Senate but across the country.

United, we can do this!



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