Businesses for Statehood

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Capitol Hill is more than the name of the hill upon which the US Capitol sits, it’s a diverse and wonderful neighborhood in the District where people live, work, pay taxes, play, shop, eat, and drink. It’s also a neighborhood where many people who work in Congress live and frequent businesses so this summer Neighbors United & the DC Statehood Coalition are embarking on an advocacy initiative to get businesses located in Capitol Hill (liberally defined borders) to post signs in support of “Statehood for the People of DC.”

Members of Congress and their staff need to see that statehood is a priority of the people of the District and businesses on the Hill can play an important role in helping to articulate that message by posting the statehood signs in their windows or behind their counters to show their support for the cause. So if you’re a Capitol Hill business please let us know if you want a sign to post in your window and we’ll get one to you. If you frequent Capitol Hill businesses feel free to ask them where their “Statehood for the People of DC” sign is if they don’t have one up. We want members of Congress and their staff to see that statehood is a our cause whether they’re picking up their laundry, going to the gym, grabbing dinner, or meeting someone for drinks.

Let’s have the people of Capitol Hill send a clear message to those lovely legislators on the Hill that all District citizens want and deserve fair and equal treatment as the 51st state in the union.

The Argonaut led the way posting signs and a couple of places in Brookland, Askale Café & Brookland Café, have stepped up too but our main focus will be the Hill for this current endeavor. Get your sign now by emailing us at the address below.

Josh Burch

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