Flag Day 2014…We (still) Deserve Statehood

StatehoodPoster2014Last year we rocked Flag Day pretty hard (We Deserve Statehood) with lots of great photos of District citizens proudly displaying their DC flags in a show of solidarity for the statehood cause. Using Twitter and Facebook proved to be a great way to share our story and educate friends and family about why we deserve to be a state. We’d like to do it again this year and we need YOUR help to make it a success, so here’s what you need to do:

  1. By close of business on June 13th (yes, Friday the 13th) please send a photo of yourself, family, and friends with a DC flag or statehood sign of some sort. Feel free to print the above “Statehood for the People of DC” sign or print a DC flag out and take a selfie with it. Family photos are great, as are those at places of importance to you (your home, favorite restaurant, favorite metro stop, place of worship, etc). We’re trying to convey images that say to the rest of the country ‘we’re just like you except for how our national government treats us.’
  2. Please send the photo to unitedforstatehood@gmail.com or tweet it to @51stDC
  3. Then on June 14th share your photo on Twitter and Facebook (change your profile photo to include it) and then post a link to others photos so that your friends and relatives through social media around the country can see we’re just like them. We’ll post on the photos on The51st.org blog and on our Facebook page, and will retweet photos/statehood messages from @51stDC. Please use the hashtags #DCFlagDay and #DCStatehood
  4. And finally, we will use these images to remind certain members of Congress that we need their support to make this happen. There are a few key Senators & Representatives we can tweet images too with a simple message: We Deserve Statehood.

We hope our images can be a powerful tool to educating the rest of the country about who we are and what we want and deserve. Please share your image with us and lend your voice to this cause. This activity is not exclusive to District citizens as we warmly welcome our friends from the 50 states to join us in the efforts, heck, we need you most of all to pester your members of Congress!

Thanks to you all and now let’s take & share some photos!




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1 Response to Flag Day 2014…We (still) Deserve Statehood

  1. B. Beu says:

    Dear Josh: I sent a message to unitedforstatehood@gmail.com. Did you get it? Thanks! I salute the FLAG of the District of Columbia: Fighting for Liberty in the home of America’s Government. ©2012 Burke Beu

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