Accepting Nominations for 2013 ‘Hoodies

i_am_essentialred_hoodieIn the *great* tradition of handing out annual awards for achievement similar to the Dundies and the Loosies we’ll be handing out ‘Hoodies next week. The ‘Hoodies will honor and those who distinguished themselves in the pursuit of DC statehood and shame those who did their fair share to either stifle the movement or demonstrate why it’s so important.

We already have a good list of folks deserving of the esteemed ‘Hoodie Award but it’s not too late to submit your own entries.

Please send submissions to or tweet them to @51stDC and give reasoning for who you selected for an award and why they deserve it. Submissions must be received by Sunday, December 28th, 2013 sometime in the evening.

Awards will be announced via an online ceremony with tickets available to anyone with access to the series of tubes referred to as the internet.

Thank you,

Neighbors United for DC Statehood

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