Err Jordan

I was saddened and angered to see a Tea Party conservative, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), attempting to use the strong arm of the federal government to overrun and overturn local laws. In the District, we’ve created our own laws to govern our daily lives similar to the way the people of Ohio do in their communities. According to Rep. Jordan the concept of local control over local affairs only applies only to his congressional district not the District of Columbia.

As a citizen of the District of Columbia I don’t hunt for food or recreation nor am I opposed to those who do.  The District and Ohio are very different yet it’s our political status not geography or ideologies that separate us. While we both elect a local government and pay local taxes to run our affairs only in the District of Columbia can Congress overturn or impose any laws they so desire. The District has long been used as a place for national politicians to score cheap political points by pandering to special interest groups. Accordingly, last week Representative Jordan offered a bill to gut all of the District’s gun laws.

I believe in our gun laws in the District and I don’t want them overturned more importantly however I believe that we as citizens in the District deserve the basic rights of having representation in Congress and having control over our own local affairs. I’m offended by Rep. Jordan’s gun law but even more so I’m offended by his cavalier attitude toward the principle of local control over local affairs. If that principle is good enough for the citizens in his district, why isn’t it good enough for the citizens of the District?

Should Representative Jordan care so much about the District, our citizens, and our right to bear arms I suggest he move here, register to vote here, run for office on his ideals here, and see what the voters of the District think of his views.  That is how democracy should work.

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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2 Responses to Err Jordan

  1. IMGoph says:

    Jim Jordan needs to “man up,” in the parlance of his people, and hold some public hearings so the people who live here can express their point of view to him on this.

    If he has “nothing to hide,” as his people say, then he has nothing to worry about, right?

    Otherwise, he’s a chicken and a coward, and the people who work on his staff are the same.

  2. I think DC should respond by opening a gun store next to the capitol complex.

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