Statehood Meeting – Dec. 14th at 3pm

On Saturday, December 14th, at 3pm at the Argonaut at 1433 H St. NE Neighbors United for DC Statehood will be having our monthly meeting. This will be a less formal meeting than normal so it’s a great opportunity for new folks to come learn about what we do and share ideas about what we could/should be doing. It’s also a great chance to patronize a great local business, have a few drinks, and meet a few new people committed to a cause that should unite us all. 

Whether you can come or not there is plenty to be done and below are 3 suggested activities for you to take on to help push the statehood cause forward over the coming days and weeks:

  1. Write, call, or email the President urging him to speak out in support of DC statehood in his upcoming state of the union address. More information on how to do that here: I sent my letter over the weekend which you can read it here: Please share your letters with me and I’ll post them on the blog and on our Facebook page to help inspire others to follow your lead. If it’s one letter he can ignore it but if it’s hundreds or thousands maybe just maybe we can inspire him to act.
  2. Contact targeted House and Senate offices urging them to cosponsor the statehood bill. Please write letters, emails, or call the listed staff in each office or selected offices and ask them to encourage their boss to support the statehood bill. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the page to select the state of your choice. Here is a packet of information on the bill: DCStatehoodInfo And here is contact information for congressional offices in our targeted states: DCStatehood_TargetStates_Contacts_Dec2013
  3. Ask friends and family in OH, IL, WI, NH, VA, MO, OR, and CO to contact their Senators and Representative urging them to support the statehood bills. Messages can be simple and straight to the point: “The Senator/Representative should support the statehood bill now before the Senate/House. This is fundamentally an issue of fairness and I believe s/he should support this important piece of legislation.”

Many thanks to you all and we hope to see you Saturday but if not have a great holiday season,

Josh Burch

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