Council of Churches Event on Statehood

The Council of Churches of Greater Washington invites all interested persons to take part in our annual Fall Assembly, on Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m., at the National City Christian Church (Community Room) at 5 Thomas Circle, NW, Washington, D.C. Supper will be served, and underground parking is available from N Street, NW.

Johnny Barnes, Esq., noted civil rights leader and former Longtime Director of the Washington Chapter of the ACLU, will be speaking on “Statehood for the District of Columbia – Why It is Owed to Us and How Houses of Worship can Assist in the Statehood Process.”

The Council of Churches of Greater Washington believes that now is the right time for houses of worship of the Washington area to share with the American public and the U.S. Congress the deep frustration of residents of the District of Columbia with the flawed and undemocratic nature of our unequal status. We wish to spur public awareness that the current situation is unjust and belies our trust that American democracy is fair. We believe it can be permanently and constitutionally rectified through seeking statehood – the only complete, fair and final remedy.

Why statehood? Because that is the means provided by our Constitution to ensure equal treatment of all citizens of the United States, and because any lesser measure can be rescinded by Congress at any time and for any reason it chooses to do so, regardless of the wishes of our residents. No such burden is laid upon citizens living in any of the states making up our union. We believe justice and democracy demand nothing less than statehood.  Come, listen and take part.  Above all – welcome!

An online invitation and RSVP form can be found at:


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