Storm Congress for Statehood-October 25th, 2013

2 year old storming the Halls of Congress

2 year old storming the Halls of Congress

Had enough of Congress and the President using the District as a pawn? Tired of being denied equal representation in our democracy? Upset that Congress denies us the ability to spend our own money? If so, maybe it’s time you join us in ‘storming’ the Halls of Congress to advocate for DC statehood (New Columbia) on October 25th, 2013 (and by ‘storming Congress’ we mean: orderly scheduled meetings where we educate congressional staff on the importance, logistics, merits, and constitutionality of statehood).

Over the last several weeks with Congress addressing issues of war and peace (Syria) and now dealing (or more like not dealing) with a government shutdown the need for statehood is clear. The shutdown more adversely affects the District than any other jurisdiction in the country and yet we have no representatives in Congress to help broker or vote on a budget deal despite contributing $20 billion to the federal budget each year, something both parties should decry. Congress still retains the authority to tell us whether or not we can spend the $6 billion in locally raised revenues for the local budget, again something members of both parties should decry.

Statehood gives us full and equal representation in Congress and statehood frees us from congressional meddling in our budget and legislative affairs. Given the recent stark reminders of why statehood is so important we at Neighbors United for DC Statehood along with the DC Statehood Coalition will be leading a lobby day on October 25th in the House and the Senate.

This lobby day will focus on House and Senate members from the states of Illinois, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio and Wisconsin. If you want to join the lobby day please send an email to us ( or if you have friends or family in those states let us know and we’ll give you information that they can send to their members of Congress to help us press for statehood.

We hope you’ll join us on the October 25th or lend us a hand in the weeks leading up to that lobby day. The more voices these offices hear from regarding DC statehood the better.


Neighbors United for DC Statehood

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