Pardon Us America, We’re Essential

An idea initiated by Councilmember David Grosso to declare all District Government workers essential has now put the District in direct confrontation with the federal government that challenges our current unjust status with it. This is a necessary move to no longer obey an unjust system and Mayor Gray and Councilmember Grosso deserve a lot of credit for pushing this forward. It’s still unknown how all of this will play out which largely rests with how the Obama administration reacts but this is the course we’ve chosen and we should see it through.

Declaring all District government workers essential isn’t just a message to our local civil servants. This is a message to all of us, we’re all essential. All of us here in the District have been fulfilling all obligations of American citizenship yet have been denied its most basic rights: the right to national representation & the right to control our own local affairs. Finally, our leaders are speaking up with us and for us in a bold move to say that we all are essential, we all are important, and we all deserve to be treated equally.

The Mayor today didn’t just send a message to the federal government for us, he sent a message about us. It’s time we all stand up for ourselves and declare ourselves essential Americans so that we will be treated as equal Americans. This is a significant step in the process toward statehood and I wholeheartedly support it.

Thanks to CM Grosso & Mayor Gray!

Josh Burch

Brookland, DC

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