Impromptu Lobby Day: June 7th, 2013

On June 7th, 2013 we’ll be on the Hill once again this time on both the House and Senate sides to advocate for more members of Congress to support the New Columbia Admission Act (aka DC Statehood bill). Most of the meetings will be on the House side and we’ll be meeting with members who have cosponsored HR 2000, the Puerto Rico Status Resolution, but have yet to sign-on to HR 292, the New Columbia Admission Act. Our message will be clear: 1) We, the people of the District, want statehood; 2) It’s the only permanent and constitutionally valid path to make us equal with our neighbors in the 50 states; and 3) If you, as a member of Congress, are willing to stand with the people of Puerto Rico so that they can choose their political destiny then you too should stand with the people of the District who have long ago chosen our destiny (statehood) yet Congress has failed to respect our will.

If you’d like to join us you are most welcome, in fact we encourage you to join us! We have meeting times and locations posted on our calendar so you can come to one meeting, several, or all depending on what your schedule allows. No experience necessary, we’ll supply all the materials needed and all you need to do is be willing to share your story as to why you believe in statehood.

We hope you’ll join us on June 7th, 2013. To register email us at

Josh Burch

Brookland, Ward 5

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