DC Statehood Lobby Day – April 16th, 2013 at 12pm

On April 16th, 2013, from 12-4:30pm the DC Statehood Coalition will host our 2nd Annual Lobby Day for DC Statehood on the District’s Emancipation Day. We will meet in the lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building near the large sculpture in the center of the lobby. Some in the District have the day off as a holiday, others should take it as a leave day, and some of you should just call in sick if necessary. We need you to join us on the Hill to help show congressional offices that this issue is a priority for District citizens.

We’ll be advocating for statehood on the 151st celebration of the District’s Compensated Emancipation because it was that day that President Lincoln freed the slaves within the borders of the District of Columbia, months before he issued the more expansive Emancipation Proclamation. The fact that Lincoln saw something wrong, something shameful, and something un-American that compelled him to free slaves in the District first is one reason why we are advocating for statehood on the anniversary of this jubilant day. It’s often said, ‘what’s past is prologue,’ and some day more Americans, members of Congress, and the President will see that the inequality imposed on the people of the District is also shameful and un-American. We hope our statehood advocacy day will honor our past while bringing about equality in our future through statehood. For more information on the District’s Emancipation Day read this: EmancipationDay

Last year, in our first Emancipation Day Lobby Day we only focused on the House side of the Hill but this year because our numbers are growing we will have statehood advocacy meetings on both the House and Senate sides of Congress. Citizen activists will break up into teams and meet with legislative staff to make our case for why we believe Representatives and Senators should support and cosponsor the New Columbia Admission Act, the only bill in both Houses of Congress to make District citizens full and equal with our neighbors in the 50 states. All are welcome and encouraged to join!!!

On the Senate side, we presently have meetings with staff from the following 11 Senate offices: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Sen. Tim Johnson (D-ND).

To register to join a team on the Senate side contact Josh Burch (unitedforstatehood@gmail.com)

We hope you’ll join us on Emancipation Day to honor the freedom earned 151 years ago by advocating for equality now.



Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood

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