Thanks to Kristen, What’s Up with Chuck?

Our thanks go out to Senator Kristen Gillibrand for becoming a cosponsor of S. 132, the New Columbia Admission Act. This is the only bill before both Houses of Congress that will make citizens of the District full and equal citizens in the 50 states. With an increasing number of cosponsors in the House and the Senate now is the time to push harder for support for this bill. One quick and easy way for our friends in the District and in New York is to contact Senator Chuck Schumer’s office and tell him to join with Senator Gillibrand in cosponsoring this bill. Senator Schumer cosponsored and voted for a similar bill when he was in the House of Representatives in 1993 (HR 51), so it really should be a no-brainer for him to sign on, we just need to push him to do it and educate his staff on the bill.

So for District citizens and our friends in New York let’s press forward and ask Senator Chuck Schumer to become a co-sponsor of S. 132, the New Columbia Admission Act. Go to his website and tell him to support the DC Statehood Bill ( or call his office directly:  202-224-6542.

The power and ability to shape the statehood movement is in the hands of the people of the District and our friends and neighbors around the country in the 50 states. If we are active, organized, and persistent we will prevail because the United States, as imperfect as we began, has matured to becoming a more inclusive democracy over time for most groups except those of us that live in the shadows of the seat of democracy, the US Capitol.

Josh Burch

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