Hazing Freshmen for DC Statehood

PrintOn March 1, 2013, the Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood, joined by some lovely non-Ward 5ers, took to the US Senate to meet with offices of freshmen Senators to welcome them to the District, the Senate, and the issue of DC Statehood. Over the course of the day 16 citizen activists welcomed 10 newly sworn in Senate offices and one office still in their freshmen term to tell them that the people of the District want them to understand, embrace, and cosponsor the New Columbia Admission Act. Throughout the day, a small but dedicated group of District citizens spoke up on behalf of 632,000 Americans who live in the shadow of the Capitol yet are denied full and equal representation within it. The coalition of citizens met with Democratic, Republican, and Independent offices making the case that DC Statehood is a non-partisan issue and at its core is a democratic issue that all Americans should embrace.

Having met with 11 Senate offices on March 1, 2013, Neighbors United for DC Statehood (specifically our Ward 5 group) has now met with 31 Senate offices to discuss DC Statehood since November 2012. Our goal is to add more cosponsors to the Senate bill in the coming months and to meet with every Senate (provided they are willing to meet with us) by the end of the 113th Congress. Through co-sponsorships we want to demonstrate the growing consensus among District citizens and among national leaders that statehood is not only right and just but it is the simplest and most constitutionally sound path toward equality for the citizens of the District of Columbia.

On April 16th, 2013, after the DC Emancipation Day celebration near the Wilson Building, Neighbors Untied for DC Statehood, the DC Statehood Coalition, and the District Shadow Delegation to Congress will join together for a lobby day on both the House and Senate sides of Congress. Neighbors United for DC Statehood will help spearhead efforts on the Senate side and we are looking for citizens to join with us to speak up in support of DC Statehood.

To register for the April 16th lobby day please email us at: unitedforstatehood@gmail.com

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