Finding Paul Hansen in 50 States!

While we can roam the Halls of Congress asking for equality continuously Congress can simply choose to ignore us. We have no say in Congress and no control over members of Congress (although we could make their time in the District quite inconvenient were we better organized). They cannot however ignore their constituents which is why this piece by Paul Hansen from Wyoming is so important to our cause. In addition to having people from other states contacting their members of the House and Senate we also need them to help elevate the discussion within their own states. Letters to the Editor, like Paul’s, are one way to help bring attention to this issue.

We in the District can’t expect people to benevolently act, as Paul Hansen did, so we need to start reaching out to others. We need to contact our friends and family in the 50 states and ask: 1) Will you contact your members of Congress and tell them you want them to support HR 292 and S 132; and 2) Will you write a letter to the editor of a local paper to pen your support for the New Columbia Admission Act (aka DC Statehood).

District citizens need to be more active on the Hill telling Congress what we want but we also need to be engaging our friends and family in the 50 states so that they can help fight with us and for us.

To learn more or help find allies in the 50 states email us at

Josh Burch

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