Sequester Us, Please!!!

On March 1, 2013 while the national media will be focused on the sequester brought about by the inability of the Congress and the President to make hard decisions about the federal budget citizens of the District of Columbia will be on Capitol Hill proposing a new sequester. The Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood will be meeting with freshmen Senate offices to advocate for the New Columbia Admission Act, a bill which would ‘sequester’ the residential and commercial portions of the District from a small federal area. Yes, we want to be sequestered! Do it, we dare you! Hell, we double dog dare you! Do it Congress; do it Mr. President; sequester us and make us the 51st state in the Union. We want to be a state and we want the federal district to be a small federal enclave separate from the residential and commercial portions of the current District of Columbia.

So while some people will be freaking out about THE SEQUESTER on March 1st, we’ll be on the Hill advocating for a lesser known but equally important sequester. We want to be sequestered, we want to be separate from the federal district, and we want to be equal to our neighbors in the 50 states.

We would love for you to join our lobby day because all are welcome. We’ll be meeting in the lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building by the large sculpture at 9am on March 1, 2013. From there we’ll break up into teams to go and meet with the offices of new Senators to promote the New Columbia Admission Act (DC Statehood Bill). All are welcome to join us and if you can only attend one or two meetings just check out our calendar of meetings and join us as your schedule allows. To see how our sequester works check out this NewColumbia_StateMap.

Separating or sequestering the residential and commercial portions of the District from the federal enclave is what the statehood bill is all about and we hope you can join us on March 1, 2013 to say “Sequester us, please!”

Josh Burch

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