Substance Over Style

On a day where members of the media in the District got all excited about the license plates President Obama will put on his car a more substantive event took place 16 blocks away in the US Capitol. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced the New Columbia Admission Act for the second Congress in a row. Despite the media fawning over the tags issue the real success today was the offering of the statehood bill which is the only thing of substance that happened today related to District citizens. Symbolism is nice but substance matters.

Delegate Norton deserves our thanks for offering the bill and its offering is a testament to the hard work of grassroots organizing and advocacy work by groups like the Neighbors United for DC Statehood and the DC Statehood Coalition. When Delegate Norton last offered the bill in the 112th Congress it was introduced with no cosponsors and today she introduced it with 15 cosponsors. The hard work of grassroots organizers sending emails, making phone calls, and meeting with congressional staff built this base of support and it’s 15 fewer members we have to meet with this Congress. 15 cosponsors is not a large number to end with but it’s a good number to start with.

The New Columbia Admission Act in the 113th Congress does not yet have a bill number nor a Senate lead sponsor but it has been introduced in the House and now it’s time to start working to build support for the bill. Delegate Norton’s statement on the bill can be viewed here: New Columbia Admission Act Introduction.

Join the movement for statehood:


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