BNCA DC Statehood Committee Meeting: Dec. 8th at 10am

On Saturday, December 8th, the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association’s DC Statehood Committee will be having our month meeting at a private residence in Brookland. The meeting with begin at 10am and will end around 12pm. This meeting is open to all and is a time to learn what’s going on in the DC Statehood movement while also planning new projects and actions. We have a lot to discuss including but not limited to:

  • Our on-going lobbying in the House and Senate (we’ve had extremely productive talks in the Senate recently)
  • How to welcome new members of Congress to the future state of New Columbia
  • Community outreach, recruitment, and educational activities
  • The formation of the DC Statehood Coalition (DCSC)

Please email for the exact address and to let me know if you can attend as a courtesy to our host.  I like to give a rough count of how many people will be attending.  While this group is under the BNCA we are open to everyone and hope that our neighbors around the city will either join with us or replicate our model in the 130+ neighborhoods that make up this great city/soon to be state.

Thank you,



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2 Responses to BNCA DC Statehood Committee Meeting: Dec. 8th at 10am

  1. Laslo Zilch says:

    Hate to break it to ya’, but DC statehood will never go anywhere as long as Marion Barry, Harry Thomas Jr., Vincent Orange and their cronies are within 500 miles of the District building.

    • jburch51 says:

      Technically, HTJ is over 500 miles away (in jail in southern Alabama) but I think your point is valid that corruption is definitely a problem with how we are viewed. It should not, however, be an impediment for granting citizens equal rights. If honest and ethical leadership in states is the standard for statehood do we go about finding a way to revoke statehood for those states with elected official convicted for corruption?

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